My interest in science fiction originates in my doctoral work at UNC, Chapel Hill on science and religion in science fiction. I have since published two books, both focusing on aspects of science fiction: the first on alternate histories and the second focusing on gender and age. My third book project is forthcoming in May 2019 from Liverpool University Press and it examines fantastic representations of sport in literature, particularly in science fiction, both cataloging this almost entirely unexamined literary tradition and arguing that the reason for its neglect reflects a more widespread social suspicion of the athletic body as monstrous (read more about this under “Current Research”).  This work represents my great interest in issues of embodiment, intersectionality, and biopsychosocial approaches.  These interests have also led me to publish on topics as diverse as aging, climate change, material and revisionist history, monstrosity, dark matter, utopia, and aestheticism.

I teach at the University of North Georgia, where I am Assistant Professor of English. Of course, I delight in bringing the fantastic genres to the young scholars there.


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